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A bunch of links and goodies, including software, web graphics, games and nice websites :]

✦ Free/opensource/abandonware software and plugins ✦

Blender, free and opensource 3D software, and also has tons of community-created content such as tutorials, add-ons and assets.

Tiny Eye, procedural eye plugin for Blender, available for free. Definitely one of the best ones out there, very easy to use and highly customizable!

Outline Helper is another free Blender add-on, specifically for creating outlines.

FireAlpaca, free digital art/animation software, extremely similar to MediBang Paint. While I personally prefer using FireAlpaca, both are almost identical and really nice to use. You can also find brushes online, like on this blog.

MojoWorld isn't free nor opensource, but abandonware. MojoWorld is a planet/landscape generator, and despite its age (2004-2005), it surprisingly still holds up to this day. While its graphics aren't exactly realistic compared to today's standards, it still works great for surreal or slightly retro renders. I might write a full article about MJW one day, it's such an underrated gem!

PureRef is free as well and great for organizing reference images or creating moodboards. Its "always on top" window mode is really useful, would recommend!

Ren'Py is a free and opensource game engine, mostly used to create visual novels. It is fairly simple to learn and use, even for complete python beginners.

Ublock Origin (Chrome and Firefox) is a must-have adblocker. Works perfectly on most websites (including YouTube), and allows the user to create their own filters.

DOS Programs of all kinds, all for free!

✦ Graphics, generators and art-related tools ✦

Geoblinkies, a collection of Geocities-era blinkies.

Pixel Safari is a great graphics collection!

Betty's Graphics is one of, if not THE, biggest graphics archive I know of. The graphics are also all accessible through Google Drive.

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection, another massive graphic collection.

Gothiclolita's materials mostly feature pixels of a variety of sizes.

nyaa- A very cute site with very cute graphics!

Animated Glitter Graphics is a tumblr blog full of varied graphics, with frequent updates.

Jasminnie also has a great amount of graphics.

88x31 Web button maker does what it says on the tin, and helps you create 88x31 buttons online.

Blinkies cafe is a neat blinkies generator, offering many templates.

sadgrl's site is full of helpful resources, including tiled backgrounds, fonts, layouts and general HTML/CSS tips. They also have a 88x31 button maker!

snailspng has tons of transparent png of all kinds and styles, with the source linked- I love this tumblr :]

GifCities is a massive archive of Geocities GIFs by Internet Archive. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can visit the websites the GIFs originate from.

99GIF Shop is a GIF collection. The lack of search function doesn't make it the most practical site if you're looking for a specific GIF, but otherwise it's great.

GifCity has a variety of graphics, and even some code snippets.

Nukocities, for Nuko-related graphics.

Teppy's Sozai features adorable original graphics!

Web Badges World has nearly 4000 badges, as well as a bit of history and tips on how to make your own 80x15 badges.

Mooeena's honeycomb badges are cute, and create a refreshing layout. This page also includes code blocks and a PSD templates!

freebackgrounds offers a wide range of tiled backgrounds, previewable and organized in a handy index.

Simple Repeat has many simple tiled backgrounds.

Transparent Textures is great for simple or minimalistic backgrounds.

Textures- A massive texture collection with an impressive preview feature.

Background Tiles, yet another backgrounds-focused collection.

Dither it! is one of my favorite websites. The dithering works amazing, and the default palettes look nice as well.

Picmix, great for finding graphics (and making silly GIF montages).

Bloggif is full of tools for editing or creating graphics (including animated text and glitter). The freely removable watermark is appreciated :]

Dot Art Generator, image to text/dot art generator. Very customisable!

Make Word Art is a word art generator, truly peak graphic design.

Lunapic is an online photo editor that includes many useful tools and effects.

Photomosh lets you quickly apply effects to pictures, including slightly animated ones.

Online Image Editor is similar to Photomosh and Lunapic.

FlamingText neat 3D text generator, tons of different styles and fonts!

Random Sprite Generator is an in-browser sprite generator with completely customisable settings.

archivescence, an impressive collection of Evanescence-related graphics and sites.

✦ Games ✦

YNOproject is an amazing project that allows you to play Yume Nikki and a selection of fangames online, in multiplayer. It can also run on phones/tablets. Plus the people there are super sweet :]

Yumebooru Archive is an archive of Yume Nikki fangames, all playable in-browser!

Vg Person's site is a gem (especially for any RPG Maker-style horror enthusiast)! They have translated games (a lot of which are playble in-browser), original games, novels, as well as a Yume Nikki randomizer.

Speaking of RPG Maker, moseni has a great library of RPG Maker (or rpg maker-like) games with descriptions and links. is a collection of video game maps (ranging from Half-Life to Psychonauts) you can explore and noclip into. Best part is it just works in browser, sick website :]

✦ Misc. websites ✦

Pictochat Online, a recreation of pictochat!! One my favorite sites ever, I recommend checking it out :]

copyheart, because copying is loving!

Internet Archive, a massive archive and library, and host of the Wayback Machine.

Web Design Museum hosts many screenshots and videos of websites, apps and software over the years, from the early 90s to the 2010s.

webneko , an adorable cursor-chasing kitty!

Internet Graveyard is a collection of dead websites you can visit using Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. This site also has other interesting content and links, definitely recommend exploring it!

This Website Will Self-Destruct... hopefully not until a very, very long time. Lovely website, please help keeping it alive!, quick and free file hosting (200mb limitation), and its temporary version litterbox (1GB limitation and up to 3 days)., amazing site made for creating Ace Attorney scenes and objections. , tons of random stuff and overall a really fun site.

Ken Musgrave's site , just a personal/professional site I like! Very pretty renders and nice photography.

Queering The Map, a world map full of queer people's experiences. You can add your own as well, really nice website.

OpenGameArt, amazing asset-sharing website. Lots of royalty free content and beautiful art!

Fasthub is a TTS website with customisable settings, and features the voice ("Whisper") used in the beginning of Serial Experiments Lain episodes.

TikTok TTS is another TTS tool for generating TikTok-style speech (several languages and models).

Songsterr has a wide collection of music tabs (bass, guitar and drums), and isn't as pushy with their subscription system as Ultimate Guitar.

Game Tabs also hosts many tabs (guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin and banjo) from game and anime OSTs. Some tabs also have .mid files, although it isn't the primary focus of the site.

✦ Cool Neocities (and other) sites ✦

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